BACA World 2015 @ KLCC–8068/baca-world-2015 Organised by The Malaysian Book Publishers Association (MABOPA), the BACA World 2015 will be held at KL Convention Centre on 30 January – 01 February 2015 baca world 2015-klcc The Malaysia first digital contents exhibition Date/Time : 30 January – 01 February 2015 Venue : KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur As our daily lives continue to transform into becoming more digitalized each day, we believe that great contents should too. Inspired by digitalization, we bring you BACA, a truly unique digital content exhibition that complements our digital lifestyle. Being the first of its kind in Malaysia, BACA pledges to unlock new grounds for content sharing by expanding the potential of digitalized communication. BACA brings you the latest advancement in digital world that drives us into a new age of knowledge, communication and convenience. For inquiries : Ms Irdahwati Md Jani Tel : (603) 7880 5840 Fax : (603) 7880 5841 Email : BACA World 2015

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