things did happen yesterday (30/12/2010)


i called nim (nyebOk) b4 10pagi asenye…

sms datin zee banuuunN wat gempaQ pas2… huhu.. she replied n citer2 kisah dolu2 seringkasnya.. thanx zee 4 still remembering us though doh jd mek datin!!

zee requested neil’s contact num but i didn’t hv any at that time coz was still in bangi ( manually written address xbawak samo).. hehe.. ngekOr p’we outstation..

i sms many friends asking 4 neil’s num shd they knew any..  hee..

alhamdulillah, naai@aida replied me with untried neil’s num.. huhu.. xper.. nnt boleh cuba, nsyaAllah.. thanx naai 4 giving it to me, still works!

i gave zee neil’s num and vice-verse! hopefully they’ve contacted each other..

neil asked 2 having lunch with me but i declined it as i was bout nk blik kampung jap ada hal.. uhh2.. sorry yo neil.. nsyaAllah ‘ll try next time ! ameeen..

i reached my hometown bout 3pm n smpat pkena ikar bkar malim jap.. not too bad.. hee..

semasa melalui  jln. banda hilir-ujung pasir menuju ke kampung, my ckniit reminded me of mee/rojak hassan’ again & i kept along watching 2 his stall… who knew it was my great day?  haha.. unfortunately, pak hassan’s stall cam tu gakkk…xbkakk n i tpksa jilat tpak tangan… inna lillahi…ilaihi rajiuun…

hehe… b4 going back 2 shahalam mlm td , sompek gak jumpa olie kt ozana! alhmdulillah..seb bek dh copied olie’s num fr address book lmo, so thanx olie & fmly @ ksudian met us n made up our day! siap dengan kopok tggnu skali.. mkasih bbnyak.. i told my fmily that’s our proud 2 give something when r not 4gotten; coz we’re brought-up that way… trying 2b kinder 2others.. nsyaAllah..




mkasih bbyak sume..


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