invitation 2 all members of p2sttjspm80!!


p2sttj’s blog is proudly invited all members to participate in here…do view ur ideas, voice ur feeling for what u count best bout anything / ape2 je lah..

don’t hesitate to tell us bout ur present condition n situation after leaving sttj,k?

we value ur thoughts, n our friendships colourize ’em sweetly..










  1. waalaikumussalaam wbt..

    alhamdulillah, great got ur msg.. hehe…mne awk sosek ni…??

    so, sok ptg tolong wakil kmi g airport tata neil, bole?

    jmp awk kt mjlis kwin ank isa_chaep kt p16 ptrjya 16/4 t , nsyaAllah..

    bg contct no. awk bole? (it won’t be published, should u disagree) just for our friends’ list, k?

    tQvm .. do come again!


    pl. inform kengkawan len in ur contct(classmatesp2spm80)


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